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Group Dinner Party with Michael and Sandra


Our registry will differ from your normal registry in a few very basic ways.


We are not going to ask you for anything that we can possess. No appliances. No vacuums. No ornate china sets.


Instead, we are going to ask you for nothing. But if you want to do something, we will give you three options:


Option One: You pick from the experiences and adventures below with the full understanding that you have to do all the work planning the adventure, pay for it (or as much of it as you can, we can pick up the rest. Money is not the focus here, quality time is the focus), schedule it, and then COME WITH US on said adventure.


Now some of these won’t cost you more than a couple of bucks and a day of your lives, but that doesn’t make them any less special to us than the big ticket items.


Choose something within your means - our time together is worth more than the cost of the experience itself.



Option Two: Similar experiences to option one that do not require your attendance (although you are welcome to join us - even better). This is a set of experiences and adventures and, let’s face it, tasting menus WITH wine pairings (we are not savages). Because these restaurants and sporting events and concerts are spread around the nation and, sometimes, other nations, you are not expected to join.


However, if you want to make a weekend out of the gift and we all go together, that would be amazing and we would pay our own way. You would just have to do all of the logistical work.



Option Three: There is no price tag on any of these, so if you don’t feel comfortable choosing one, by all means don’t. No one needs to choose anything. Your presence at the party is more than enough. Hell, even taking the time to read this nonsense is more than enough. Sandra and I go on a lot of adventures and experiences as it is already and your presence at this event is really all we wanted to begin with.


If the event is in NYC or Long Island, all you would need to do is pick up the tickets to the event or the dining bill

and make the arrangements.


If outside of NYC or Long Island, we would gladly pay our way there and for our hotel room (we are not bunking

with you, no matter how much you wish we were).

NOTE: When you select a "Registry Item," it is in the form of a ticketed event. This just lets us know who is getting what, and it limits the amount of each activity we can get. There are only so many times we can eat at Noma! We've provided some links, but you still have to make the arrangements. 

Take us to one of your favorite places or show us one of your favorite things.

Finally, anything you think of that is not listed here but you think is appropriate.

Or just don’t give a goddamn thing and have a blast at the wedding and take some good pictures. Maybe even get one of them framed.

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